Books written by John Bonnycastle, professor of mathematics at Woolwich:

  • The Scholar’s Guide to Arithmetic; 12mo. 1780. 18th edition in 1851.
  • Introduction to Mensuration and Practical Geometry; 12mo. 1782. 13th edition in 1823. Translated into Turkish.
  • Introduction to Algebra; 12mo. 1782. 13th edition in 1824 with an addendum by his son Charles.
  • Introduction to Astronomy; 8vo. 1786. 8th edition in 1822.
  • Euclid’s Elements of Geometry; 8vo. 1789. Translated into Turkish.
  • General History of Mathematics from the French of Bossut; 8vo. 1803.
  • A Treatise on Spherical Trigonometry; 8vo. 1806.
  • Introduction to Arithmetic, being the First Part of a General Course of Mathematics; 8vo. 1810.

 He was also a frequent contributor to London Magazine.

 His books had many editions and translations, including printings done in Philadelphia. John Bonnycastle's publisher was Joseph Johnson of St Paul's Churchyard, London, who also published for Priestley, Cowper, Erasmus Darwin, Fuseli, Mary Wollstonecraft, and many others. 

Digitised copies can be viewed at Google Books. Originals can be found through used booksellers, early editions for many hundreds of dollars or pounds and later American ones for very little.

Books written by Richard Henry Bonnycastle, Royal Engineers:

  • Spanish America, a Descriptive and Historical Account' &c, 2 vols. 8vo, with maps
  • The Canadas in 1841', 2 vols. 12mo. 1842, London
  • Newfoundland in 1842', 2 vols. 8vo. 1842, London
  • Canada and the Canadians in 1846', 12mo. 1846, London
  • Canada, as it Was, Is, and May be. 2 vols. 8vo. 1852, London. This was edited by Sir J.E. Alexander, C.B. from a mass of writings RHB left unpublished at his death.

 His books have been recently reprinted and are available through booksellers. Copies of the originals are available from used bookstores. Digitised copies can be viewed at Google Books.


Book written about Richard Henry Gardyne Bonnycastle:

  • A Gentleman Adventurer: The Arctic Diaries of Richard Bonnycastle edited by Heather Robertson (1984).


Articles written by Bonnycastle Dale:

 Bonnycastle Dale (1868-1936) was a writer, naturalist, and photographer.  He wrote and illustrated articles for Rod & GunThe Outing Magazine,  The Canadian Magazine of Politics, Science, Art and Literature, Canadian Geographical Journal, Field & Stream, Out West, and other publications. Several of his articles can be viewed at Google Books.

Bonnycastle Books
John Bonnycastle's "Astronomy", 8th ed, 1822 with a frontispiece drawn by his friend, artist Henry Fuseli
Plate II from John Bonnycastle's "Astronomy", 8th ed., 1822
Title page from John Bonnycastle's "Algebra", 5th ed, 1800
Title page from John Bonnycastle's "Trigonometry", 1806
Vignette from "Trigonometry" title page, drawn by [son] Richard Bonnycastle, 1806