Calendar of added and updated items

May 2014

Lots of new material!

Most of the Bonnycastle lines in the United States have been updated. Obituaries, 1940 census records, marriage records, military records, and so on. Of particular note is an exerpt from John Stewart Harrison's memoir describing his 'old south' childhood in Louisville. Thanks, Jeb.

Most of the Canadian lines have the 1921 census added so check out your persons of interest. Also note the 1879 letter from Sir John A Macdonald to Henry Bonnycastle.

Some new information about Charles Bonnycastle Willcox. He purloined books from the British Museum.

Two composers: Charlotte Cassan Bonnycastle and Avery Robinson.


October 2013

New site features:

  • Click the button labeled "Display Family" found near the top of each person's page to open a nifty chart linking to 4 generations of ancestors as well as the person's siblings and children.
  • Click on any superscripted citation reference to jump to the highlighted citation.
  • A search tab to search this site for names or places.

Updated information:

  • Dr Olinthus Gregory's commentary on Professor John Bonnycastle's view of religion & science
  • Harry/Henry Bonnycastle's death in Nice in 1899 and a newspaper story about building in India
  • Canadian 1921 census is available. Have found Charles & Sarah Bonnycastle in BC and their daughter Lyall Rudd in Alberta. I will look for more people once an index is available.

April 2013

November 2012 - a huge update   

  • Added a search tab. You can now search this site for names or places
  • Added Bonnycastle Crescent in St John's Newfoundland and Bonnycastle Lane in Rothesay New Brunswick to Maps of places named Bonnycastle
  • Big news! (thanks to John Gould for noticing this record indexed on FamilySearch). A baptism in 1590 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire for our earliest Bonnycastle, Thomas. Now we have one generation further back. His parents were William and Agnes. Go to William's page to see exerpts from the register.
  • George Arnold Brinton, wife Fanny May Bonnycastle (daughter of Harold John) born in Saskatchewan and moved to England
  • their daughter Frances Annie married Edward Dabernon Dickinson 
  • photo of the house they lived in in England (info from Jenny Arnold whose mother worked for them) 
  • William Newell apprenticeship to a vintner, 1730, London (John Bonnycastle's wife Bridget's father), actual image of the document. Note that this document names his father - John Newell, a weaver
  • Apprenticeship records in 1767 & 1769 for his son John Keeling Newell
  • Hephzibah (Henry) Hommey 1841 census and death in 1850
  • her daughter Caroline who married Rev Frederick Sisson - census records and death in 1881 
  • Maud Agnes (Balchin) Gritton 1911 census as a widow with children William and Harry 
  • Margaret Lucy Mayne 1927 passenger list from Liverpool to Boston - born in India, lived in Cairo
  • Archibald Collier Mayne became a pilot in 1935. Photo 


England probate

Poll Books




October 2011

  • A painting attributed to Harry Bonnycastle (son of Humphrey, born circa 1833) was found in an auction listing
  • Harriet Bonnycastle Cooper death information
  • Ann Mason Tutt Bonnycastle (widow of Charles) will
  • Her son John C's will - he had several hundred acres of land. Also information regarding his 1856 land grant for service in the Mexican War
  • portraits of Henry Churchill Bonnycastle and his wife Marie Kennedy (pete beall)
  • I have learned that the portrait of Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle at Fort George in Ontario was painted in the 1960s but have left it on the website because it illustrates his uniform colours and style 
  • a bio of RHB's uncle Richard Henry (1765-1814) and his service in India
  • death records for RIchard Henry's daughter Eliza and her husband Henry Philipps who both died in their 20s in India
  • added a daughter, Margaret Lucy 1903, India, for Arthur Mayne & Emily Bonnycastle Barnett
  • an account of William Hopewell Budd after his wife Elizabeth Ann Gritton died. He went to New Zealand (thank you Maureen)
  • obituary for Herbert Edwin Rudd from the RCMP quarterly (he served in the Northwest Mounted Police in Canada)
  • additional information about Charles Frank Rannie (thank you Dorothy)
  • tracked down Edward Walter Choate - served in CEF in WW1, working for the CPR in Seattle in WW2, 1930 Seattle census, died in California in 1970
  • Several stories from the Vancouver Sun: Jocelyn & Frances Bonnycastle's 21st birthday in 1936; their brother Hugh Charles marriage, Jocelyn's marriage, Frances' marriage
  • much more information about James B Shaw, comptroller of the Republic of Texas and husband to prof Charles' daughter Mary (thank you to Will Shaw for making the Ireland connection and spurring me to look further). A strange coincidence is that Charles invested in the Republic of Texas 20 years before Shaw married his daughter!
  • Began a page of little charts for as-yet-unconnected Bonnycastle clusters




June 2011



  •  Image of the parish register entries for Richard Henry & Charles' baptisms in Woolwich, Kent
  • Some information about Nora's husband James George Durkin; he's still a bit of a mystery
  • Did you know --- Hephzibah Apletree Newell's second husband David Henry was related to U.S. patriot Patrick Henry?
  • An additional photo of Ann Mason Tutt Bonnycastle's monument at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville (thanks Deirdre)
  • A sad item...the passing of Michael Hawkins (1918-2011). He was the son of Leonard Carl Hawkins & Eleanor Mary Bonnycastle, a vibrant man, and a delightful correspondent.
  • Arthur C Bonnycastle marriage to Sally Whitehead, 1933, Indiana
  • A stray (i.e. we don't know who he is yet) William buried in 1811 at St John the Evangelist, Westminster

What may be our earliest Bonnycastle family yet in Hillmorton Warwickshire which is about 20 miles from Blakesley, Northamptonshire, where Thomas left a will in 1650:


William Bonichaster  & Agnes Dinnocke marriage 1585


Marget Bonicastell baptism 1586, daughter of Wm & Agnes


Agnes Bonicastell burial 1630


The above records are from an index so the spellings are the interpretation of the indexers.



April 2011




 January 2011

  • Newspaper item re Edward B A Barnett's suicide
  • West Point application file for John Charles Bonnycastle containing several letters
  • The 1931 death in Chicago of the mysterious Nora, daughter of John Bonnycastle & Grace Hubbs
  • Marriage date and place for William Robinson Bonnycastle & Ida Jane Henderson in 1908
  • Several parish register entries for William & Rachel's family in the 1760s in London
  • The administration of William's estate given to Rachel in 1772
  • Link to news item regarding the restoration of Lower Burial Ground in Kingston, Ontario, where Sir Richard is buried
  • Several photos by David Beresford-Green:




August 2010

There have been a couple of style changes to the site.  Photos are now embedded on the pages as thumbnail images. Click on the thumbnail to see an enlarged copy.  When on the images index page, you can either click an icon to see the full size or click an icon to go to that person's page.

As well, the descendancy charts are now colour-coded to show my ancestors.

Other additions:



 March 2010

* Portrait of Angus Lorne Bonnycastle (found online at the Manitoba Historical Society)

* A letter from Charles Bonnycastle to the University of Virginia proctor Arthur Spicer Brockenbrough and a letter from Thomas Jefferson to Charles, both written in 1826. These were found online by Deborah Lankford and links to them are on Charles' page (1826).

* I was contacted by the owner of a canvas awning company in Sacramento, California. Since 1950, they have owned an old NCR cash register (built circa 1905). Recently they looked on the bottom side of the cash drawer and discovered a label indicating that the register was sold by George Bonnycastle of Boise, Idaho. George was a salesman for the National Cash Register company and later IBM. The current owner kindly sent us some photos of the cash register.

* Gravestone for Alexander Bonnycastle who died in 1871 at the age of 5 months. The grave marker was found on the Bonnycastle homestead.

* Photographs, taken by Miriam Hawkins, of the beautifully restored Bonnycastle home in Seymour Township, Ontario. The house was built in 1867. These photos are listed under the "Oddments" tab.

* Added Bonnycastle Street & Bonnycastle Lane to the Places named Bonnycastle map. These streets are in Yukon, Oklahoma but why they are named Bonnycastle is as yet unknown.



 October 2009

*Geoff Bonnycastle contributed scans of the title page and an illustration of the solar system found in John Bonnycastle's Introduction to Astronomy. I added pages from a couple more of Bonnycastle's books and tried making a slideshow on the books page - it worked!  You can view by starting/stopping the slideshow which changes images at 3 second intervals or by clicking the thumbnails and viewing at your own pace.  We'll have to think of other ways we can use the slideshow feature.

*Newly digitised images of London parish registers from the London Metropolitan Archives are available on Here are some Bonnycastle findings:

* Marriage records from parish registers for:

Charlotte Bonnycastle & Henry Gritton, 1813 (image with signatures)
Humphrey Bonnycastle & Jane Cottrell, 1837 (image with signatures)
Bridget Newell Bonnycastle's niece Caroline Hephzibah Hommey & Frederick Sisson
John Bonnycastle Turner & Emma Ruth Metcalfe, 1851 - this record showed that John was a widower which enabled me to find him in the 1841 census with his first wife and two daughters
William Clifton Bonnycastle & Rachael Jones, 1761
Elizabeth Bonnycastle (daughter of William Clifton Bonnycastle) & Peter Thompson, 1793

* Burial records from parish registers for:

Charlotte Bonnycastle Gritton (probably)
Bridget Newell Bonnycastle's nephew David Henry of the 9th Regt of Foot

* Baptism records from parish registers for:

Marianne Bonicastle Forster - a previously unknown twig on the tree. This finding led to the marriage record for her parents (James Forster & Sarah Baker) and census findings that showed Sarah was born in Bierton, Buckinghamshire.  She is undoubtedly the the daughter of William Baker & Mary Bonnycastle (daughter of Robert Bonnycastle who was the brother of John, professor at Woolwich)

* 1878 Map of Seymour Township showing lands held by Bonnycastles and Roweds

* Obituaries for the daughters of Arthur Chichester Bonnycastle & Sally Whitehead: Charlotte Bonnycastle Helm (2008) and Sally Bonnycastle Hardy(2009)

* A photograph of Mount Bonnycastle in British Columbia, named after William Robinson Bonnycastle

 June 2009

* The Bonnycastle site has undergone renovations! The look is fresher and easier on the eyes. Besides the visual changes, much of the content has been rewritten, citations edited, photos cleaned up. There are undoubtedly typos and I count on you to let me know about them. I have many ideas for continuing development but it is time to launch the revision and go from here. Thank you to everyone who has contributed content to the project and I look forward to adding much more.

* A page detailing books written by and about Bonnycastles (found under the oddments tab)

* A top menu item labeled 'Oddments', leading to interesting items on the website that one might otherwise miss

* Several Campbellford gravestones, courtesy of Harley Cassan. Also photos of Charles & Henrietta & children and an interesting shot of hunting in the early 1900s.


April 2009

* Even more photos! Check out the several new Rudd and Hawkins photos (thanks to Roanne and Carell). Don't miss the one of Sarah Oliver Bonnycastle taken in 1885. And make sure you spot the photo of the Katepwa cricket team, largely comprised of fellows on our family tree!

February 2009

* More photos! Roland Barwell and his wife Maud Bonnycastle; Eva (daughter of Francis Edward Bonnycastle & Elizabeth Lennox); a couple of Eleanor Mary, as well as a page from her school notebook in 1906

* Information from British Columbia marriages for Gladys Eva Wallace, Bertha Lyall Adair Wallace, and Geoffrey Roland Barwell. Information from death certificates for William Urquhart, Jessie Barwell, and Louis Keown

January 2009

* Added some photos of Mary (Bonnycastle) Hawkins, her family and sisters. Added several photos of her mother Sarah Oliver, including one taken about 1870 (thank you, Carell)

December 2008

* Two calendars - one showing birthdays &/or baptisms for everyone on this site and one showing marriages

* Photograph of Geoff & Esther

(thanks, Dawn)

* Tested adding ancestry charts - let me know if you'd like one for your line

November 2008

* Map showing streets, buildings, etc. named Bonnycastle. Please let me know of other places to add

October 2008

* Information about the family of Charles Edward & his wife Henrietta Cassan

June 2008

* A style change - images are now embedded on the person pages rather than linked

* Photographs! Jack (s/o Charles Green Bonnycastle) & Hattie; Mary (d/o Charles Green) & husband Len Hawkins; several of siblings Georgia, Jocelyn, Frances & Hugh (children of George s/o Charles Green)

* Photos of the gravestone of Charles at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville

* Obituaries for Barbara Bonnycastle Erskine, Jocelyn Bonnycastle Foster, and Charlotte Bonnycastle Helm

* Several newspaper items for Henry Lionel Bonnycastle and his wife Margaret

* Anne Mason Babcock, a descendant of Charles, married Theodore Roosevelt, grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, in 1940 in Louisville

April 2008

* George and Margaret's engagement and wedding and a shower for Margaret from the Winnipeg Telegram

* Several stories and photographs for Joan and her husband Rodney Greenwood (thank you, Deborah)

* Charlotte Augusta and Anthony Adamson wedding newspaper photo and story

January 2008

* A letter written by Humphrey in 1838 to a friend in England whilst visiting the U.S.

* An interesting and extensive biography of Prof. John written in The Annual Biography and Obituary for the Year 1822

* 1803 & 1810 items from The London Gazette regarding Bonnycastle & Hommey's Academy

* Photo of Ann Mason Bonnycastle's monument in Louisville

* Photo of Sarah and daughers Mary, Maud & Lyall

December 2007

* 31 burial records from Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky

* Photo of Charles & Sarah in auto and of Charles mowing his lawn

* Photo of Lyall (Bonnycastle) Rudd & family

* Photo of brothers Arthur & William Robinson Bonnycastle, 1895 Louisville

November 2007

* Added U.S. naturalization documents for Alexander William and Fay

* Added photo of Alexander William

* Added photo of George & Jane (Bonnycastle) Pearse (circa 1880)

* Added photo of Bonnycastle Dale's gravestone

* Added Phyllis Frances Bonnycastle & Leslie Easton Hand marriage, 1911

October 2007

* Added images of B.C. death certificates for Charles Green and Sarah.

* Added Carl Lorne (1943-1983)and Lorena Grace (1924-1950).

* Added death certificate information for Frederick Baggs and Bertha Lyall Adair (Wallace) Choate.

* Updated Henry Barnard Dalrymple Bruce and his son Arthur.

* Added a marriage for Louisa Emily Dale to Joseph Bell Rathbone.

* Added a photo of Emily Kathleen Cochrane (Bruce) Green. (thanks, David)

20 September 2007

* Added icons to indicate descendants of each of John & Bridget's children - Charles, Charlotte, Humphrey & Richard Henry. Those unmarked are either earlier generations or spouses.

* Added a photograph of Henry William John Bonnycastle & his wife Eleanor Mary Susan Rowed.