John Bonnycastle Turner1

#15236, (c 1811 - 1895)
FatherJohn Turner3 (c 1786 - b 1861)
MotherElizabeth Bonnycastle2 (c 1788 - 1872)
RelationshipGrandnephew of John Bonnycastle

Family 1

Emma Ruth Metcalfe (c 1813 - 1886)

Family 2

Elizabeth (-?-)
  • Ann Turner5 (c 1840 - )

Life Events

BirthJohn Bonnycastle Turner was born circa 1811 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.4
MarriageHe married Elizabeth (-?-).5
1841 CensusJohn and Elizabeth Turner appeared on the 1841 Census of Stepney, Middlesex, at York Place, enumerated 6 Jun 1841. Their street was in the hamlet of Mile End Old Town in the borough of the Tower Hamlets in Stepney parish. John was 25, a customs officer, and not born in Middlesex. Elizabeth was 20 and not born in this county. Their children were Elizabeth S (2, not Middlesex) and Ann (1, born Middlesex).5 
MarriageJohn Bonnycastle Turner married Emma Ruth Metcalfe on 16 Jan 1851 in St George in the East, Middlesex.
Information from the parish record: John Turner, of full age, widower, revenue officer, residence 29 Lucas Street, father John Turner, miller;
Emma Ruth Metcalfe, full age, spinster, 28 Lucas Street, father Thomas Metcalfe, mariner;
They were married in the parish church by superintendent registrar's certificate and the witnesses were John Haddon and Janet N-- Parkinson.6 
1851 CensusJno and Emma Turner appeared on the 1851 Census of Ratcliff, Stepney Parish, Middlesex, at 30 Bower Street, enumerated 30 Mar 1851. John was 39, an Officer of Customs, and born in Sydenham, Oxon. Emma was 39 and born in St Geo East. With them was their 12 year old daughter Elizabeth.7 
1861 CensusJohn and Emma Turner appeared on the 1861 Census of Stepney, Middlesex, at 9 Smith Street, enumerated 7 Apr 1861. John was 50, occupation Landing Warks Customs, and was born in Aylesbury, Bucks. Emma was 50 and born in St Georges, Middlesex. John's widowed mother Elizabeth lived nearby.8 
1871 CensusJohn and Emma R Turner appeared on the 1871 Census of Mile End Old Town, London, at 53 Bancroft Road, enumerated 2 Apr 1871. John was 60, an Examining Officer Customs, and was born in Risboro' Oxfordshire [sic]. Emma was 60 and born in St Georges E, Middlesex. John's mother Elizabeth was living with them.2 
1881 CensusJohn and Emma Turner appeared on the 1881 Census of Prittlewell, Essex, at 1 Aylesbury Villas, enumerated 3 Apr 1881. John was 69, born in Aylesbury, Bucks, and was a Retired E.O.H.M. Customs [Excise Officer of His Majesty's Customs]. Emma was 68 and born in St Georges East. They had one domestic servant.4 
(Admon) ProbateJohn Turner of 1 Aylesbury-villas, retired Custom House Officer was granted administration of his wife Emma Ruth's estate on 6 Dec 1886.9 
1891 CensusJohn Bonnycastle Turner appeared on the 1891 Census of Prittlewell, Essex, at 1 Aylesbury Villa, North Street. John was 79 years old, a widower living on own means, and was born Buckinghamshire Aylesbury. He had one domestic servant.10 
DeathJohn died on 3 Mar 1895.1,11
ObituaryHis obituary was published on 6 Mar 1895 in the The Times.
On the 2nd March, at his residence, Southend, Essex. John Bonnycastle Turner, in his 85th year. Australian papers, please copy.12
ProbateHis estate was proved on 30 May 1895. Entry from the calendar:

Turner John of Aylesbury-villas 1 North-street Porter's town Southend Essex died 3 March 1895. Probate London 30 May to Thomas King provision merchant and George Andrews Turner banker's clerk. Effects £1025 0s. 3d.11
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