Charlotte Augusta Bonnycastle1,2

#213, (1906 - 1997)
FatherAngus Lorne Bonnycastle1 (1873 - 1941)
MotherEllen Mary Boulton1 (1875 - 1955)
Relationship3rd great-granddaughter of John Bonnycastle
Charts5 Generations of Descendants of Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle (1791-1847)


Anthony Patrick Cawthra Adamson (1906 - 2002)
  • Adrian Cawthra Adamson14
  • Inigo Thomas Herbert Cawthra Adamson14 (1935 - 1977)
  • Jeremy Anedahazee Adamson14

Life Events

CalledCharlotte Augusta Bonnycastle went by the name of Augusta or Gussie.3 
BirthShe was born on 17 Jun 1906 in Manitoba.4,5
(with Parents) 1906 CensusShe appeared on the 1906 Census of Manitoba with her parents. She was born in Manitoba and her age was unreadable.1 
(with Parents) 1911 CensusCharlotte A appeared on the 1911 Census of Winnipeg, Manitoba with her parents. She was 4 years old and born in June 1906 in Manitoba.4 
(with Parents) 1916 CensusAgusta C [sic] appeared on the 1916 Census of Russell, Manitoba with her parents. She was 10 and born in Manitoba.6 
(with Parents) 1921 CensusAugusta appeared on the 1921 Census of Dauphin, Manitoba with her parents. She was 15, born in Manitoba, and was a student.7 
MarriageShe married Anthony Patrick Cawthra Adamson in 1931 in St. Andrews Church, Chelsea, England.8 
NewspaperPublished 23 Sep 1931. The caption on this photograph reads, "Miss Carlotte [sic] Bonnycastle, eldest daughter of His Honour Judge Bonnycastle of Winnipeg, leaving St. Andrew's Church, Chelsea, with her bridegroom, Mr. Anthony Carthra [sic] Adamson, younger son of the late Lieut. Col. Agar Adamson, D.S.O."8
Adamson/Bonnycastle wedding
The Queen, 23 September 1931
Newspaper In the Russell Banner.
The wedding of considerable interest took place quietly Friday at St. Andrew's church, Chelsea, London, England, when Charlotte Augusta, elder daughter of his Honor (sic) Judge Bonnycastle and Mrs Bonnycastle, of Dauphin, Man., became the bride of Anthony Patrick Cawthra, youngest son of the late Col. A. Adamson and Mrs Adamson of Port Credit, Ont.9
(Mentioned) ObituaryShe was mentioned in her father Judge Angus Lorne Bonnycastle's 1941 obituary as daughter Mrs Anthony P Adamson, Port Credit, Ontario.10 
(Mentioned) ObituaryShe was mentioned in Ellen Mary Bonnycastle's 1955 obituary as daughter Mrs Anthony Adamson, Port Credit.11 
DeathCharlotte died on 17 May 1997.12,5 
BurialThe Adamsons were buried in a vault in Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery, Port Credit (now Mississauga), Ontario.13
Adamson vault in Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery
Port Credit, Ontario
Close up of the brass plaque attached to the vault door
Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery
Port Credit, Ontario
Last Edited23 Nov 2012


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