Joseph Fernee1

#23838, (c 1786 - )

Child of Joseph Fernee and Mary Clare

  • Elizabeth Fernee8 (c 1814 - )
Research Note Not sure who Joseph's parents were, although there was a Fernee family in Oxford at the time of his birth - parents Joseph & Elizabeth with known children born from 1771-1782. 
BirthJoseph Fernee was born circa 1786.1
Note.In the Oxford City July 1808 session, Josh Fernee was tried for larceny. The disposition of the case was "No Bill. Discharged."2 
Newspaper Published 31 Dec 1808 in the Jackson's Oxford Journal.3
Joseph Fernee
suspicion of burglary, 1808
Note.In the Oxford January 1809 session, Josh Furnee was tried for larceny. The sentence was Death.2 
Newspaper Published 21 Jan 1809 in the Oxford Journal.

Yesterday a reprieve, under the hand of the Recorder, was received by the Bailiffs of this city, staying, until further order, the execution of the sentence upon Joseph Furnee, condemned at our last city sessions for burglary.4
Note.Joseph Fernee, age 23, was received aboard the prison hulk Retribution moored at Woolwich. He was #1669 in the register and it noted that his offense was Cap. Respite [I think means capital respite, i.e. transportation rather than execution] and that he was convicted at the Oxford quarter sessions on 9 Jany 1809 and sentenced to N.S. Wales for life. He was transported 15 June 1810.1 
Research Note A hulk is a decommissioned ship that is either technologically out of date or cannot make it through the open sea without taking on water, but is still able to float without problems. There were many of these ships available when engines started to power ships instead of sails, so the hulks were moored in harbors and used as floating prisons or for other purposes. The hulks’ place in harbors also made it easier to hold and transport convicts being sent to Australia.
The hulks were stripped of their masts, rigging and rudders and fitted with prison cells. Typically, each hulk held between 200 and 300 convicts in dire conditions. Disease was rife and spread quickly as there was no way to separate the sick from the healthy in the cramped conditions. This meant mortality rates were high, with around one in three inmates dying on board. [National Archives]

The HMS Retribution saw action in the American Revolutionary War. 
MarriageHe married Mary Clare on 1 Jul 1812 in St John's (Church of England), Parramatta, New South Wales.
Details from the church register: Joseph Fernee of the parish of St John Parramatta and Mary Clare of the same parish were married by Banns. Joseph signed his name and Mary signed with an X. The witnesses were Ed Banks and Mary Banks, both of whom signed with an X.5,6 
Note 1822.

To F Goulburn Esqr, Colonial Secretary &c,

The humble petition of Joseph Ferny Most humbly Sheweth,
     That petitioner's wife Mary was sent to Port Macquarie for the exspiration of two years and having only served twelve months and is returned from there and is now confined in the Gale at Sydney. That petitioner having been married ten years and in the course of that time his wife having had seven children and two only remains alive and one died at Port Macquarie. That petitioner most humbly supplicates Your Honor to forgive her the remainder of the time that is unexspired, the ties of nature as been his lawful wife ten years induced him to make this application to your Honor most humbly requests his forgiveness this once and he will try every means in his power that she will not be troublesome any more and for so great a mark of your Honors favour -o in duty bound will be ever thankfull,
     Joseph Ferny.7
1828 CensusJoseph Ferney and Elizabeth Ferney appeared on the November 1828 Settlers and Convicts Census of New South Wales. Joseph was 45, free or bond: TL [ticket of leave], ship: Indian, year: 1809, sentence: Life, religion: pro[testant], employment: Laborer.
Elizabeth, 14, born in the Colony.
Their residence was Harington Street in Sydney.

Interestingly, they were enumerated a second time on Harington Street, as follows:
Joseph Fearney, 45, T of L, Indian, 1811, 7 years, pro, laborer
Margt Fearney or Dogherty, 45, FS, Providence, 1811, 7 years, pro
Elizabeth Fearney, 15, BC.8 
Research Note A large number of records were created for convicts in Australia. Here are notes from assorted records viewed at [not exhaustive]

Australian Convict Transportation Registers
Name, Where convicted, When, Term
Joseph Fernee, Oxford (City), Qr Sess & G.D., 9 Jany 1809, Life

NSW Settler and Convict Lists, 1788-1819 - 2p
Name, Date of arrival, Ship, Master of Ship, Tried where, when, period for which transported, How disposed of, Whether still resident in the Colony, Remarks
Joseph Ferney, Decr 1810, Indian, Barclay, Oxford, Jany 1809, Life Ticket of Leave, Govt Labour, In the Colony

NSW Settler and Convict Lists, 1816 - 2p
Name, Date of arrival, Ship, Master of Ship, where tried, when tried,Period for which transported, how disposed of, whether still resident in the colony, remarks
Joseph Ferney, Decr 1810, Indian, Barclay, Oxford, Jany 1809, Life, Govt Labour Parramatta, in the Colony

Same 1817 - 2p
Joseph Ferney, Decr 1810, Indian, Barclay, Oxford, Jany 1809, Life Ticket of Leave, Government Labour, in the Colony

Same 1818 - 2p
Joseph Ferney, same, Life, Govt Labour, in the Colony

Same 1821 - 2p
Joseph Ferney, [info switched with John Fletcher on line above] same as 1818

NSW and Tasmania Convict Musters - 1822
Furney Joseph, T L, Indian, Shoemaker, Sydney

NSW and Tasmania Convict Musters - 1825
Name, Age, Classes, Vessel, Year of arrival, Sentence, Employment
Joseph Fernee, 5 [dittoed from above], [can't read class], Indian, 1810, L, G.S. his wife in Sydney

NSW and Tasmania Convict Musters - 1837
Name, Age, Ship, Year of arrival, Where tried, Name of Master and district stationed
Joseph Fernee, 62 [sic] Indian, 1810, Oxford, Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney

List of Convicts with Particulars, 1788-1842. Part 2
Joseph Fernee, 350.8 [no key for the numbers]

Copies of letters sent. [image 216 and before]
24 Dec 1810, from the Secretary's Office, Sydney
addressed to Madam - Mrs Suttor at Balkham Hills

and a letter to the Commander at Parramatta
Governor directed that convicts from the Indian to go to Hawkesbury (45), Georges River (10) and Parramatta (25). One man from Parramatta has been assigned to Madam (her husband is now absent) and she is requested to send a person to receive him. She was to have a "decent description of man who such be likely to serve her faithfully" . "His excellency has given permission to Mr Hassal to exchange a man now on his possision for one of them now servt to Parramatta whose name is Joseph Ferney, which exchange you --- be pleased to make for him"

NSW Convict indents
repeats basic info, then T.L. 33/542 [other choices were C.P. and A.P.]

NSW Tickets of Leave
1833 September
No. 33/542 10 Sept 1833
Joseph Fernee, Indian, master Barclay, year 1810, native place Oxford, trade Laborer, place of trial Oxford QS & GD, date of trial 9 January 1809, sentence Life, year of birth 1778, height 5 feet 9 1/2 inches, complexion Fair, hair Dark Grey, eyes Hazel, General remarks: Ticket of Exemption No 32/79 dated 2 January 1832; Allowed to remain in the District of Parramatta.
Written sideways on this form is the following:
Cancelled for falsely representing himself to be Free; Vi-- Col Secy's letter No 496 dated 21 October 1836. Renewed vide no. 37/127 dated 1 Sept 1837. Ticket torn up and cancelled on its receipt --- Parramatta --- 1836

NSW Tickets of Leave
1837 September
No. 37/1271 1 Sept 1837
demographic info the same
Allowed to remain in the District of Parramatta.
In lieu of no. 33/542 dated 10 Sept 1833. Cancelled.
Per Col Secy letter No 37/641 dated 9 August 1837. 
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