Samuel Fernee1

#17858, (1801 - 1875)
FatherJoseph Fernee1 (1777 - 1823)
MotherMary Ainsworth1 (1781 - 1835)
RelationshipGrandson of Samuel Fernee
ChartsSamuel Fernee & Mary Harris - Children & Grandchildren
Samuel Fernee & Mary Harris - collapsible 6 generation descendant chart
Research Note There are a few too many records for people named Samuel Fernee floating around in the late 1700s - early 1800s in Oxford and Middlesex. The records don't line up perfectly with the known Samuels - there are still mysteries to be solved. For instance, the Samuel Fernee who went to Australia, according to the records was from Highgate and was born in 1807. The place is right but the age is wrong to be this fellow. I might need to create another Samuel. 
BirthSamuel Fernee was born on 15 Feb 1801.1
BaptismHe was baptized on 22 Mar 1801 in St Michael Highgate, Middlesex.1 

A case was tried in the Old Bailey 15 September 1825. Transcript of the proceedings:
Before Mr. Justice Gaselee.
1224. SAMUEL FURMEE was indicted for stealing, on the 4th of August , a watch, value 5 l; a sovereign, and twelve shillings, the property of William Brown , in the dwelling-house of John Learmouth .
WILLIAM BROWN. I am coachman to Mr. Learmouth, of Russell-square. On Thursday, the 4th of August, about eleven o'clock in the morning, I went out from the stables in Montague-mews , and left my watch, a sovereign, and 12 s. in a box in my bed-room, over the stable. The prisoner had been pot-boy at the Montague Arms, public-house, and on leaving there he occasionally assisted me in the stable. I returned at six o'clock in the evening, and found my box open, and property gone; the box had not been locked: he could open the coach-house doors by putting his knee against them. I met him going down the mews as I came out. I have not found the property.
JOHN TURNER . I lodge where the prisoner formerly lived. On Friday morning I heard of this robbery, and on the Monday following I met the prisoner in Broad-street, St. Giles's, and took him to the mews. I charged him with stealing the watch, which he denied.
ROBERT SEEKINGS . On the 4th of August, at eleven o'clock in the morning, I saw the prisoner in the mews - he put his hand inside, and lifted up the hasp of this stable door; he went in; I did not see him come out: I had seen Brown go out two minutes before.

A case was tried in the Old Bailey 8 December 1825. Transcript of the proceedings:
SAMUEL FERNEY was indicted for stealing, on the 16th of November , two pewter pots, value 1s. 6d. , the goods of Edward Smith .
WILLIAM BALL . I am a Bow-street patrol. I apprehended the prisoner in Broad-street, St. Giles', on the 16th of November, about half-past five o'clock in the evening, he appeared very bulky - I found two pint pots round his body, and two in his bat - a quart pot dropped from him.
DANIEL REARDON . I am a patrol. I was in company with Ball, and saw the prisoner drop a quart, and a pint pot - two others were found in his bat, and another round his body.
EDWARD SMITH. I am a victualler , and live in Compton-street . Two of these pots are mine; I have seen the prisoner about the neighbourhood - he used to work at a livery stable opposite to me.
HENRY BELL . I keep the Grayhound public-house, Henrietta-street, Bryanstone-square - these three pots are mine.
Prisoner's Defence. I had the misfortune to be here falsely last September, but was discharged - that has taken away my character, and I could not get a situation.
GUILTY . Aged 17.
Transported for Seven Years.3
Note.The Marquis of Huntley list of Bound Indentures in 1826 includes Samuel Ferney, age 19, reads & writes, Protestant, single, of Highgate, occupation Stableboy. He was tried in Newgate [sic; other documents differ] for the offense of Pot Stealing on 8 Dec 1825 and sentenced to 7 years, no prior offences. He was 5 feet tall, fair fresh complexion, brown hair, dark brown eyes, had a Man & woman & E O on right arm, one small blue spot on left. He was assigned to Chief Justice Forbes in Sydney.4 
Note.There is an entry for Saml Fernee in the Gaol Entrance Book in Sydney on 26 August 1831. He was of London, arrived in 1829 [sic] on the Huntley, Protestant, and a laborer. Samuel's offence was Absconding and his punishment was "to be sent to Campbelltown to be dealt with."5 
Note.On 21 December 1832, Samuel Ferney of the Ship Mqs Huntley (1) arrival 1826 was granted his Certificate of Freedom. The record included the following points: Native Place: Highgate near London, Trade: Stableman, Offence: Pot stealing, Place of Trial: Middlesex G[aol] D[elivery], Date of Trial: 8 December 1825, Sentence: 7 years, Year of Birth: 1807, Height: five feet two inches, Complexion: sallow & little pock--tted, Hair: brown, Eyes: brown, General Remarks: Lost a front tooth in upper jaw, MMC & heart on upper EO man & woman on lower right arm, Scar near right wrist above thumb, MSHREO & several dots on upper MW in a wreath on lower left arm, Scar top of little finger of left hand.

Written across the document are the words "Pass 21 April 1862."6 
Newspaper Published 20 Jul 1836 in the Sydney Monitor.


I Samuel Fernee, per ship Marquis of Huntley (1), Captain Ascough, year of arrival 1826, trade groom, sentence 7 years, native place Highgate, Middlesex. General Remarks - Man, Woman, & 8 0 on lower part of the right arm, & M W in a wreath on the lower part of the left arm; do hereby Caution all Constables and others not to molest me after this Notice, having lost my certificate of Freedom.
Sydney, 18th July, 1836.7
DeathHe died on 1 Apr 1875 in Liverpool Asylum, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, of tongue cancer.8 
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