Calendar of added and updated items 

January 2017

  • The General Register Office has released new indexes so I have been able to find more children for many of the families. The birth indexes include mother's maiden name. The death indexes include age at death.
  • A variety of photographs submitted by descendants

March 2015

  • Will of Anthony Story, which led to further details of his children (who lived in England, Canada, United States, and Australia) 

August 2014


September 2013


  • Added an "Extended Family" button which opens up a diagram of the subject's siblings, children, parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.
  • You can now click on any superscripted citation reference to view the highlighted citation.
  • Added many London burials from the index at
  • Some big findings for my ancestors:
  • Apprenticeship (1805) and freedom (1829) records for George Fernee
  • Parents and siblings for Elizabeth Harden (born 1795) who married Herbert Godart
  • An 1832 will for Elizabeth's father George Harden, builder, of Camden Town
  • Some research driven by people who have contacted me!  Generally, I don't follow female lines but if someone shows interest, it's fun to see what we can find.  I'm especially interested in folks who spread to other countries. 
  • So, new info on the descendants of two children of Anthony Story (1814-1891) whose mother was Mary Fernee (b1786): Elizabeth who married Thomas William Higgins, and Anthony who married Emma Empy. Children of these couples headed to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.
  • Dacre Lovett Haddon, South Africa, who lost his life in WWII
  • Charles Fernee and his wife Mary Morton Sillitoe
  • Joseph William and his sister Sarah Elizabeth Fernee who went to Australia in 1883

    May 2013 

    • Added a search tab. You can now search this site for names or places.


    • Included some Fernees from Oxford who might be the origin of our London branches. Thanks to Michael Fernee who gathered the details from the parish registers. I hope one day to read them myself. It seems likely that Joseph who was transported to Australia links to this branch. Discovered another thief from Oxford: Elizabeth in 1809. 
    • Many England 1911 census records have been added; check for your person of interest. Interestingly, the 1911 recorded how many children a woman had borne and how many were still living. Eliza Ann, wife of George, reported 6 of 12 children living. Frances Emma, widow of Thomas, had 14 of 15 living, the youngest just 2.
    • Thomas was in Hertfordshire by 1833 and noted to be the victim of a crime.
    • Tracked down Ann, daughter of John Fernee & Mary Mullings, who married Stephen Peet. Twenty years after they married, she was a 36-year old widow working as a charwoman with only one of her 7 children surviving until adulthood.


    • Much more for Anne who married Richard Deacon Lovett & their descendants.
    • A possible hit for Mary Dowson, wife of Peter, in the 1841 census at age 84.
    • Entries from the National Probate Calendar for Katharine Frances (1927), Thomas Peter (1930), Samuel Thomas (1942), Herbert Clement (1948), Edwin Charles Boston (1954)
    • Frank's passage to Australia in 1901
    • Peter Albert & family to New Zealand in 1911
    • Have just started reading through London electoral registers; earliest Godart thus far is Peter in 1841
    • Many entries from the 1911 census; check for your person of interest


    November 2012

    United States 1940 census and England 1911 census are both now available.  I've looked for a few people but if there is someone in particular that you would like me to search for, please ask.

    Baptism in 1795 for my ancestor Elizabeth Harden who married Herbert Godart. Also baptisms for her siblings.
    Post Office Workers - (surname Fernee; there were no Godart)

    Australia & New Zealand: 

    • photo of Horace George Fernee in NZ WW1 uniform (thanks, Gareth) 
    • Alice May Fernee in Australia (thanks Monica) marriage to Alfred Edmonds, children, early death   
    • newspaper accounts of the death of Alice May's brother Edwin Robert  in a boating accident in 1922 in the Northern Territory while on an oil prospecting expedition
    • records for Samuel Fernee who was sent as a convict to Australia in 1826


    August 2011

    • Photo of Jessie Fernee, her husband Thomas Daniel Felstead & their four adult children, 1947, Australia (Mark Felstead)
    • Information about Frederick Henry Fernee (1903-1976) (Sheila Allen). His Royal Navy service records are available from The National Archives
    • Photo of Celia Fernee Coveney & her husband riding in a motorcar (Jessica Yonwin) & posed shot of Cecilia
    • Photo of Jessie May Fernee Symonds 1889-1949 with her sons (Yonwin)
    • Birth certificate for Joseph Hart 1876 and death certificates for his twin siblings James at age 7 months and Alice age 9 months (Paul Smith)
    • Photo of George Henry Coomber, husband of Fanny Voillet Fernee & their marriage cert (Paul S)
    • Death of the Coomber's only son Charles Henry at age 19
    • Discovered another child for Robert Hart & Eliza Fernee - George 1875, who died at 11 months; also records for Emily Elizabeth death in 1919; bcert & dcert for Jessie Phoebe the youngest Hart child; Annie bcert, dcert, and marriage to James Crampton in 1900 (Paul Adamson)
    • Photo of Joseph Hart & also his death cert (Paul A)  
    • Photo of Richard Fernee at the outset of WW2 (Sheila)
    • Photo of Emily Fernee and her daughter, taken in 1880s England and sent to a cousin in Australia (Marie)
    • Thomas Fernee & Rachel Louisa Smurthwaites in 1911 census which added several children; their son Richard emigrated to Australia (Linda Griggs)
    • 1911 census - Ellen Annie Fernee & husb Edward Eyre & 3 sons in Sheffield (Mary Duggan)
    • Census and other info about Sylvanus Ainsworth Fernee's widow Mary Patience in Yorkshire


    March 2011

    • Children of Jessie (daughter of Joshua in Australia) & her husband Thomas Daniel Felstead; photo of Jessie (courtesy Mark Felstead)
    • Baptisms for the 8 children of Robert Hart & Eliza Fernee from 1868-1882; Robert's untimely death in 1884 (Paul Adamson)
    • Death cert for Eliza Foden Fernee in 1873; she had 13 children so is likely an ancestor of many who view the website (Paul)
    • Birth cert for Hannah Elizabeth Bygrave who married Edward Spencer Fernee in 1887 (Rae Sidwell)
    • BMD information for Ellen Annie, one of the Sheffield Fernees (Mary Duggan)
    • Children and 1901 census for Celia (Jessica Yonwin)
    • Children for Horace from 1902-1921 (Jessica)
    • Children for Jessie May
    • Photo of Mary Eliza Fernee Woodall (Marie Bennetts)

    Also of note -- a new style of descendant chart that is collapsible and expandable and great for seeing the "big picture".   You can open up the whole thing or just the parts of interest to you.  Check them out!

    December 2010

    • Will for Robert Fernee who died in 1847
    • (Elizabeth) Blanche Fernee marriage to Vernon Chitty in Michigan
    • found several Australian Godart newspaper notices, e.g. Frank's marriage and death, Mary Caster's death
    • James Fernee, gas furnace engineer in Sheffield, business card (contributed by Marie)
    • Information from the first Fernee birth certificate (Eliza in 1837) and her death cert in 1922 after returning from Australia (thank you Paul)
    • for her son Archibald Hart - birth & death certs and a portrait (Paul)
    • many entries from Islington and St Pancras burial indexes
    • details added for Anthony Fernee who was in the navy and went to California in the 1860s

    August 2010

    • Added a 1910 newspaper clipping about police constable Archibald Hart and a photo of him in his Royal Artillery uniform (his mother was a Fernee) (thanks Paul)
    • Added oodles of records for the period from 1880 to 1900
    • Discovered the whereabouts of William Frederick Fernee after he married Florence Trenaman in 1894 ... they went to America!
    • Added information about Herbert Stanley Fernee, born 1877. He appeared as a child called Bertie in Ontario, Canada in 1890 and eventually was known as Albert, located in Michigan, USA.  He was one of the British Home Children, who were poor or orphaned children sent to Canada to have a chance at a better life.
    • Added details about Frederick Thurotern Fernee's family (thanks Richard & Hester)
    • Found siblings Edwin, Melinda, and Elizabeth Fernee in the workhouse in the 1901 census. Their mother died in 1894 and their father Edwin was a stableman living with his mother.
    • Photo of Eliza Fernee Hart who was born in 1837 (from Paul)
    • Fernee entries from the England & Wales National Probate calendar 1858 - 1941 (with many gaps) which has recently become available online: Thomas (died in 1850), Elizabeth (1868), Esther (1868), John (1876), Maria (1879), Ann Mary (1881), John Robert (1887), Thomas (1892), Ada (1913), Anne Selina (1916), James (1917), Edith (1922), Herbert Augustus (1927), Thomas (1933), Elizabeth Maria (1934), George Henry (1938), and Alice Maud (1939)
    • Godart entries from the National Probate calendar: Katharine Frances Farmer (1926) and her husband Thomas Peter (1928)
    • Image of the marriage register for Peter Godart & Elizabeth Jackson in 1809
    • Early photographs - photos of the Australian Fernee branch and photos sent from relatives still in England. Hugh WoodallEdward Hillman Fernee, Emma Elizabeth, Thomas Fernee & wife Mary Ann Jarvis & their 5 small children c1880, Mary Eliza Fernee Woodall c1900, Joshua Joseph. Gravestone photos for Henry & his son Henry Edwin in Mount Gambier, Hugh Woodall & wife Mary Eliza Fernee (thank you Marie)


    July 2010

    • Images on the people pages are now displayed as thumbnails; click to see enlarged image
    • Charts are accented to highlight my ancestors and siblings of my ancestors
    • Burial for a Sarah Elizabeth Godart -- is this Zara?
    • Burial for an infant Thomas Godart in 1816 -- who are his parents?
    • Photos of the William & Mary (Godart) Murrell gravestone and a photo of their daughter Rose & her husband William Partridge (thank you Tom - a descendant)
    • Added parents and a baptism for Chrissy Bennett who married George Fernee in 1814 

    December 2009

    * Digitised images of many parish registers held at the London Metropolitan Archives are now available at They cover much of the area that is now encompassed by Greater London but not the original City of London.  The included parishes were once in Middlesex and Surrey.  I have added the information from dozens of baptism, marriage, and burial records - all of those indexed properly as 'Fernee' and 'Godart'. Now to find the ones with variant spellings and errant indexing!

    * Added a calendar for marriages.  Note that there were several on Christmas Day.


     December 2008

    * Lots of information and people added to the Story branch of the Fernee tree, including Charles who emigrated to America and photos of his brother Anthony (thanks, Terry). Anthony's son Richard Wallace emigrated to Canada

    * Just for fun - added a calendar of birthdays for everyone on the site

    November 2008

    * Oodles of details about the family of Joshua Fernee who emigrated to Australia. He married and had 11 children. Check out his timeline chart, too. (thanks, Mary)