Abigail Marion1

#299, (s 1765 - a 1802)
RelationshipMother of William Inkster
ChartsDescendants of John Inkster & Abigail Marion

Children of Abigail Marion and John Inkster

Life Events

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Abigail Marion is a bit of a mystery. We know that she married John Inkster in 1788 in Stromness, Orkney. There they had six children in 1789 & 1791, then 1798, 1800, and 1802. One son James likely died as an infant given that the next son was also named James (a common custom) and son William went to Canada but the fates of the rest are as yet undiscovered. Also unknown is where John and Marion were before and after they had their family.

The surname Marion and the forename Abigail are not typical Orcadian names. Where did she come from? I would very much like to know her story.

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BirthAbigail Marion was born say 1765.
This date is a guesstimate that puts her age at marriage at 23 and at the birth of her last known child at age 37. 
MarriageShe married John Inkster, son of Richard Inkster and Kathren Marion, on 29 Apr 1788 in Stromness, Orkney.
The parish register stated that they were both in this parish.1
Marriage of John Inkster & Abigail Marion
Stromness, Orkney parish register
29 April 1788
DeathAbigail died after 1802.2
Last Edited16 Dec 2014


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  2. Inferred from analysis of data: birth of last known child.