Calendar of added and significantly updated items

June 2015

March 2015

September 2014

  • Picture of the logbook entry showing John Inkster's arrival in 1791

July 2014

  • ***Big news! Proof that our ancestor William Inkster's father was indeed John Inkster who worked for the Hudson's Bay Company. We have several documents and his signature.
  • Added 1921 Canadian census data for (almost) all the relevant people. This of course led to additional marriage records, border crossing cards, children, and so on. Check out your people of interest
  • An interesting explanation of how William Cullen Inkster financed his kids' education; one child, Mabel (Inky), migrated to Bermuda, then England
  • If only all our ancestors worked for a newspaper; Inkster descendant Alistair McLellan had several write-ups when he died in Vancouver in 1983

September 2013

New site features:

  • Click the button labeled "Extended Family" found near the top of each person's page to open a nifty chart linking to 4 generations of ancestors as well as the person's siblings and children.
  • Click on any superscripted citation reference to view the highlighted citation.
  • A search tab to search this site for names or places.
  • A new style of descendant chart that can be expanded and collapsed.


February 2011

  • A huge discovery! The 1833 marriage record for William Inkster & Elizabeth O'Donnell (thanks, Tara Mills)
  • Marriage record for Duncan M McKenzie & his wife Dora Amaryllis Shull  in Washinton state; also a photo of their gravestone 
  • Photo of 1920 Raymore baseball team with brothers Bill, Jim & Herb Inkster 
  • William & Abigail  (Inkster) Hemstreet burials in Drinkwater, Saskatchewan in 1929, 1927 
  • The 1925 will of Isabella (Inkster) Fidlar which is a family historian's dream, as it includes bequests for twelve different relatives!  Also Isabella's obituary. [Who is Edith Carson of Southampton? She is mentioned in item #7 of the will] 
  • Gravestone for Isabella & her husband James Harvey Fidlar ; also JHF's funeral card (thank you to Sharon Hoskyn for these items)
  • The information in the will led to the birth certificate of their adopted daughter Agnes Bessie 
  • Siblings Francis Herbert, Cora Mabel and Frances Maud Sandford, the offspring of Mary Victoria Inkster (1848-1904) were tracked to Florida


There is more to come but since it's been over a year since an update, I thought I'd get this much online now.

September 2010

There have been a couple of style changes to the site.  Photos are now embedded on the pages as thumbnail images. Click on the thumbnail to see an enlarged copy.  When on the images index page, you can either click an icon to see the full size or click an icon to go to that person's page.

Descendant charts are now colour-coded to show my ancestors.

Flag icons have been added after names to indicate where a person immigrated. Let me know if I've missed adding one.

Other additions:


February 2010

  • The site has undergone renovations to produce a fresh new look that is cleaner and easier on the eyes. Besides the visual changes, much of the content has been rewritten, citations edited, and photos cleaned up. There are undoubtedly typos and I count on you to let me know about them. I have many ideas for continuing development but it is time to launch the revision and go from here. Thank you to everyone who has contributed content to the project thus far. 


January 2008

  • First edition of the Inkster website put online. Since that time minor updates to include additional information or photos, such as that of Janet Fidlar Inkster 's sampler