I propose that the following two Henrys are the same person.  Below is a summary of the records that I have found. Any discrepancies are easily explained away.  A curious complication is Anna Kolthammer - was her husband an unidentified Kolthammer or this man, who left her to head west?  It sure seems like it was Henry since both were in Manhattan, New York.  The only other Kolthammer to arrive in America before 1900 was John who immigrated in 1883 with his wife and daughter. They went to Wisconsin, which had a large German population, then to Colorado. John is very likely Henry's brother.

Christoph Heinrich (Henry)

August 1880, immigrated

Nov 1880, declaration of intention to naturalize as US citizen

1886 October, naturalized, cigar maker

1886 NYC directory, segarmaker

1887 NYC directory, segarmaker

1887 NYC directory, segarmaker, at another address (I wonder if this was really 1888)

1889 NYC directory, sigarmaker

(all the addresses were in Manhattan)

no records that include his age


Heinrich Christoph (Henry) born 1849

1882 immigrated (according to 1900 census)

c1883 married Katherine Hamm (where?) (date according to 1900 census)

1887 applied for homestead in Colorado at the same time as a Johann Kolthammer

1889 son born in Seattle, Washington, USA

1890 in Seattle directory, cigar maker

1890 relinquished Colorado land 1891 in census in British Columbia, Canada

1900 in census in Seattle, cigar maker,naturalized

1911 in census in British Columbia, cigar maker

1928 wife died

1936 died in Vancouver, BC son Harry remained in the Vancouver area


Anna Moeller Kolthammer

1880 September passenger list to NY, with children Bernhard and Augusta

1900 census, Manhattan, NY, widow, with children, son Bernhard a cigar maker

1902 died, NY, of appendicitis, maiden name Moeller