Anna Margaretha Kolthammer1

#1779, (1886 - 1972)
FatherFriedrich Wilhelm Kolthammer1 (1856 - 1906)
MotherMargarete Kathrina Kobold1 (1862 - 1935)
RelationshipDaughter of Friedrich Wilhelm Kolthammer
ChartsDietrich Burchard Kolthammer - Eight generations of Descendants
Friedrich Kolthammer & Margarete Kobold - children & grandchildren
Margreta Vote
passport photo, 1920

Life Events

CalledAnna Margaretha Kolthammer went by the name of Anna as a child, and later Margreta or Rita. 
BirthShe was born on 13 Mar 1886 in Southwark, London.1,2,3
BaptismShe was baptized on 27 Jun 1886 in St. Georges Lutheran Church, Little Alie Street, St Mary Whitechapel parish, Middlesex. 1 Sunday after Trinity, Anna Margaretha, d/o Friedrich Kolthammer, tailor, of Zelle, Hanover & his wife Maria, formerly Koboldt, of Eichenau, Kingdom of Württemberg; residence No 4, Park Street, Borough Market SE; sponsor Miss M Knebler; minister Rev V Stieglitz.1 
(with Parents) 1891 CensusAnnie appeared on the 1891 Census of Southwark, St George the Martyr Civil Parish, London with her parents. She was age 5, a Scholar, and was born in London.4 
(with Parents) 1901 CensusAnna appeared on the 1901 Census of St George The Martyr Civil Parish, Southwark, London living in 3 rooms with her parents and seven siblings. She was 15 years old and born in Southwark, London.3 
AnecdoteAuntie Rita became a maid at Number 11 Downing Street (the Chancellor of the
Exchequer's official residence). Here she met a diplomat who she married and
went with him to India. He died and she returned to this country where she
was offered a Grace and Favour House. However, she turned it down and went to live in the United States.
There she married a Fred Vote - who was an ex-F.B.I. man. The story is that
he had one running board gun battle with gangsters around about the time of
prohibition. They lived in Los Angeles for many years. When Fred died she
came back to England and lived with her sister Bertha until her death.5
MarriageShe married Alfred Daniel Guy Hore in 1910.6
(Widowed) DeathAlfred's death before 1916 left Margreta a widow. 
Passenger ListMargreta Hore was listed on a manifest dated 7 Oct 1916 for the SS Orduna, sailing from Liverpool for New York. She was 30 years 5 months old, a widow, occupation wife, residence Hastings, England, and a non-immigrant. Her contact in England was friend Mr Harry? Edwards of 116 Braybrooke Road, Hastings. Her final destination was to friends Mr and Mrs Ed Gower, 115 E Beach in Biloxi Mississippi but she did not yet have a ticket. Margreta paid her own way, had $330, had been in the US before (at Woreham [sic] for 6 months), was born in London England, and was described as 5' tall, sallow complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. There is a note, "Dis to T.A. Society" [discharged to Traveler's Aid Society - they would help her find her way].7 
Passenger ListMargaret Hore was listed on a manifest dated Mar 1919 for the Mauretania, arriving in Southampton from New York. She was traveling 2nd class, a domestic, unaccompanied, address Braybrooke Road, Hastings, last residence USA, intended residence England.8 
Passenger ListMargreta Hore was listed on a manifest dated 29 Apr 1920 for the SS Finland, leaving Southampton for New York. She was 34, a widow, housewife, last permanent residence Hastings, England, final destination Roselle Park, New Jersey. Her contact in England was Mrs Elliott, 116 Braybrooke Road, Hastings [Sussex]. Margreta paid her own way, had $50, had previously been in New Orleans for 2 1/2 years to March 1919, going to meet intended husband Mr F Vote, 31 Westfield Avenue, Roselle Park, New Jersey. Intends to reside permanently in the U.S. Description 5' tall, sallow complexion, brown hair and eyes and was born in London England.9 
MarriageAnna Margaretha Kolthammer married Frederick Vote on 10 May 1920.10,11
NoteMargreta Vote was issued a United States passport on 3 Dec 1920. On the application it noted the following: maiden name Kolthammer, born 13 March 1886 in London England, residence Los Angeles, housewife, and her husband was Fredrick Vote who was born in Chicago Illinois and whose name was legally changed from Vogt to Vote. The passport was to go abroad temporarily to the British Isles to settle an estate in her family and visit relatives. She was described as age 34, 5'1" tall, medium forehead, brown eyes, straight nose, straight mouth, round chin, brown hair, fair complexion, oval face, and no distinguishing marks. [The application had a $1 fee and included a photograph]12 
Passenger ListMargreta Vote was listed on a manifest dated 22 Jan 1921 for the Asian, arriving in Liverpool from New Orleans. There were only 6 passengers on the ship and Margareta was the only alien. She was traveling 1st class, occupation Wife, age 34, and was an American citizen. There was a check mark under 'England' for country of intended future residence.13 
Passenger ListAnna Margaretha Kolthammer was listed on a manifest dated 11 May 1921 for the S.S. Cameronia, which left Liverpool, arriving in New York 21 May. Information from the passenger list: Margreta Vote, 35, married, husband born 29 July 1879 Chicago Ill, address in United States 1723 West 53rd Street, Los Angeles, California.10 
Voters' ListShe and Frederick Vote appeared on the electoral roll in California. 1922 - Frederick, real estate, 1723 W 53rd st; Margreta same; Republicans
1924 - Frederick, storekeeper, 5413 Brynhurst av; Mrs Margreta housewife; Republicans
1928 - as above, but Democrats
1930 - as above but Frederick declined to state his affiliation, Margreta was Republican
1932 - address as above, no occupation, both Democrats
1934, 1946, 48, 50, 52, 54 - same.14
1930 CensusFrederick and Margreta Vote appeared on the 1930 Federal Census of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, at 5413 Brynhurst Avenue, enumerated 1 Apr 1930. Frederick was 50, first married at 40, born in Illinois, parents born in Germany, a store-keeper in wholesale items, and was not a veteran. Margreta was 44, first married at 24, born in England, father born in France, mother in Germany, immigrated in 1913. They owned their home worth $10,000 [this was medium high for the area] and had a radio set.15 
Passenger ListMargareta Vote was listed on a manifest dated 12 May 1938 for the M/S Annie Johnson, arriving in Plymouth. She embarked at San Pedro [California], traveled 3rd class, was a 52-year old housewife, residence USA, and her address in England was 62 Priory Ave, Hastings, Sussex.16 
Passenger ListAnna Margaretha Kolthammer was listed on a manifest dated 9 Feb 1939 departing from Antwerp on the S.S. Balboa and arriving in San Pedro Calif 14th of March. She was recorded as Margreta Vote of 5413 Brynhurst Ave, Los Angeles, Calif, age 52, married, U.S. citizen by marriage May 10th 1920.17 
Passenger ListShe was listed on a manifest dated 22 Oct 1949 departing from Southampton on the Queen Mary, traveling in cabin class, and arriving in New York 27 Oct. Details: Margareta Vote of 5413 Brynhurst Ave, Los Angeles 43, Cal, age 63, married, U.S. citizen, born in England, had 6 pieces of baggage [this was a lot].18 
(Widowed) DeathFrederick's death on 13 Oct 1968 left Rita a widow.19 
Note.Rita lived in Los Angeles for most of her married life and came to live with Billy and her sister Bertha on her return to England. She had no children.20 
DeathAnna died in Oct 1972 in England.21,22
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