Friedrich Wilhelm Kolthammer1,2

#363, (1856 - 1906)
MotherHanna Christine Elisabeth Kolthammer2 (1829 - )
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Friedrich Wilhelm Kolthammer


Margarete Kathrina Kobold (1862 - 1935)

Life Events

OccupationFriedrich Wilhelm Kolthammer was a journeyman tailor. 
BirthHe was born on 2 Apr 1856 in Celle Maternity Hospital, Celle, Hannover. His mother was Hanne Christine Elisabeth Kolthammer, a servant from Insel, Schneverdingen. Father's name not recorded.2 
BaptismHe was baptized on 12 Apr 1856 in Evangelische Kirche, Celle, Hannover, by Pastor Greiling. The witness was Mrs Magdalene von Barden, from Bülkau.2 
Note.Friedrich Wilhelm's place of origin was reported on his children's baptism records several ways:
Solten, Zelle, Soldau, Soltau, Celle (all in the Kingdom of Hanover.)3 
Research Note Not found in the 1881 English census. 
ImmigrationHe immigrated to England between 1881 and 1884.3 
Research Note He is not in the index of those receiving a certificate of naturalization in England.4 
MarriageHe married Margarete Kathrina Kobold, daughter of Johann Georg Kobold and Marie Catharine Rosina Hölter, on 10 Feb 1884 in the German Protestant Reformed Church, Whitechapel, Middlesex.

The church register reads: Friedrich Wilhelm Kolthammer, 27, ledig, Schneider, aus Zelle, Hanover, father Friedrich Kolthammer, Schullehrer (deceased); Catharine Margarethe g. Koboldt, 21, ledig aus Eichenaü, Gerabronn, Wurttberg, father Georg Koboldt, Bauer; Their residence was 2 Turners Buildings, Oriental St E. The witnesses were William John Warneck and Mathilda Sophia Warneck
[Note: ledig = single, Schneider = tailor, Schullehrer = schoolteacher, Bauer = farmer]

Information from the civil marriage certificate: Friedrich Wilhelm Kolthammer, age 27, Bachelor, Tailor, son of Friedrich Kolthammer, Schoolmaster (deceased) married Margarete Kathrina Koboldt, 22, Spinster, daughter of Georg Koboldt, Farmer. They both resided at 2 Turner's Buildings in Poplar and were married in the German Protestant Reformed Church, Whitechapel by Minister E A Ehemann. Witnesses were William John & Matilda Sophia Warneck.5,1
Kolthammer - Koboldt marriage
German Protestant Reformed Church, Whitechapel, Middlesex
AnecdoteDescendant Joan Haworth told a family story of how they met:
FWK delivered a suit to the house in Celle, Germany at which MKK was a servant, and that's how they met. One household mentioned in family talk was Lady Ponsonby but the name Lady Bartlett is also mentioned.

[If this is true, they knew one another before coming to England, where they married]6 
(Son) BirthSon Frederick William was born on 4 Dec 1884 in London. Their residence was No 8, Paris Terrace, Hind Street, Poplar.3,7 
(Dtr) BirthDaughter Anna Margaretha was born on 13 Mar 1886 in Southwark, London. They lived at No 4, Park Street, Borough Market SE.3,8,9 
(Son) BirthSon William Henry was born on 21 Nov 1887 in 128 Queens Buildings, H Block, St. Saviour, Surrey.10,3 
(Son) BirthSon John was born on 9 Dec 1889 in London. Their residence was No 130 H Block, Queen's Building, Borough.3,11 
1891 CensusFritz and Magerita [sic] Kolthammer appeared on the 1891 Census of Southwark, St George the Martyr Civil Parish, London, at 130 H Block, Queens Buildings, enumerated 5 Apr 1891. Fritz was 36, employed as a Tailor, and was born in Germany. Magerita was 27 and born in Germany. They occupied two rooms with their children Fritz (6), Annie (5), Wilar (3), and Otto (1). The eldest two attended school.12 
Queens Buildings
(Son) BirthSon Charles Robert was born on 11 Dec 1891 in London. Their residence was No 31, Queen's Buildings, Southwark Road S.E.3,14 
Residence On 20 Mar 1892, Friedrich Wilhelm Kolthammer lived in 31 Queens Bldgs, Southwark.15 
(Dtr) BirthDaughter Bertha Margaretha was born on 30 Dec 1893 in London.15,16 
Residence On 7 Oct 1894, Friedrich Wilhelm Kolthammer lived in 25 Queens Bldgs, London.15 
(Dtr) BirthDaughter Eda Christina was born on 28 Apr 1896 in 25 Queen's Buildings, London.6,15 
(Son) BirthSon George was born in May 1898.17,18 
(Witness) DeathFriedrich Wilhelm Kolthammer registered the death of George Kolthammer.19 
(Dtr) BirthDaughter Lily was born on 1 Oct 1899.20 
1901 CensusF.W. and Margarete Kolthammer appeared on the 1901 Census of St George The Martyr Civil Parish, Southwark, London, at 25 Southwark Bridge Road, enumerated 31 Mar 1901. The family lived in 3 rooms. F.W. was 44, worked as a tailor, and was born in Germany. Margarete was 38 and born in Germany. With them were their children Fredrick (16), Anna (15), William (13, office boy), Otto (11), Charles (9), Bertha (7), Eda (5), and Lilly (1).9 
(Son) BirthSon Harold Claude was born on 20 Jan 1904. He died in July at the age of six months.21 
DeathHe died on 20 Jun 1906 in German Hospital, Dalston, London.
Details from the certificate: Frederick Kolthammer, age 50, Tailor (Journeyman) of 25 Queens Buildings Southwark Bridge Road, died of Pulmonar Tuberculous Suffocation. The death was registered 21 June 1906 by his widow, M Kolthammer of 25 Queens Buildings.22 
BurialFriedrich Wilhelm Kolthammer was buried on 23 Jun 1906 in Manor Park Cemetery, Newham.23 
Last Edited23 Jan 2017


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