Hephzibah Henry1,2

#17490, (bt 1767 - 1771 - 1850)
FatherDavid Henry1 (1710 - 1792)
MotherHephzibah Apletree1 (1726 - 1808)


Matthew Thomas Francis Hommey (c 1759 - 1831)

Life Events

BirthHephzibah Henry was born between 1767 and 1771 in Beckenham, Kent.3,4
(Mentioned) ObituaryShe was mentioned in David Henry's 1792 obituary as his daughter, but not by name.1 
(Heir) WillHephzibah Henry was named a substantial heir in the will of her brother Richard Henry dated 25 Jan 1798.5
(Executor & Heir) WillHephzibah Henry was named an executrix and an heir in the will of her mother Hephzibah Henry dated 17 Oct 1801. She was to inherit the residue of the estate after her brother Richard received 1/3 of the freehold property and other small bequests.6
Research Note Gentleman's Magazine vol #100, pt 2 for 1806 has mention of the daughter of David Henry of Lewisham marrying Hommey (1806,676) [this volume is not at FHL].7 
MarriageHephzibah Henry married Matthew Thomas Francis Hommey on 19 Jul 1806 in St Mary's Church, Lewisham, Kent.
The parish register reads: Matthew Francis Hommey of the Parish of Charlton in the County of Kent, Bachelor & Hephzibah Henry of this Parish, spinster, married by Licence. The witnesses were J Bonnycastle [Hephzibah's brother in law], C Bonnycastle [niece Charlotte?], and Thos N Longman. A comment in the margin noted that Matthew was born in French[?] Flanders and Hephzibah in Beckenham Kent.3 
(Mentioned) ObituaryShe was mentioned in her mother Hephzibah Henry's 1808 obituary as daughter Hephzibah, married to Mr. M.F. Hommey, of Charlton, joint Proprietor (with Mr. Bonnycastle) of the Military Institution there.2 
(Admon) ProbateHephzibah Hommey formerly Henry, wife of Matthew Francis Hommey, was granted administration of her mother Hephzibah Henry's estate on 31 Aug 1808 in Prerogative Court of Canterbury.6 
(Witness) Marriage H Hommey witnessed the marriage of Henry Gritton and her niece Charlotte Bonnycastle on 27 Feb 1813 in St. Mary Church, Woolwich, Kent. Note: Hommey is a rare surname, so this was most likely Hephzibah.8,9
Henry Gritten & Charlotte Bonnycastle
Marriage from Woolwich parish register, 1813
(Executor & Heir) WillHephzibah was named an executrix and the universal and residuary legatee in the will of her husband Matthew Thomas Francis Hommey dated 6 Oct 1830.10
(Widowed) DeathHer husband Matthew died on 21 Jun 1831.11 
(Mentioned) ObituaryShe was mentioned in Matthew Thomas Francis Hommey's 1831 obituary as his wife, a half-sister of Mrs. Bonnycastle [and] the only daughter of the late David Henry, esq. of Lewisham, by his second wife.11 
(Admon) ProbateOwen Rees Esquire (bookseller at Paternoster Row) was granted administration of Matthew Thomas Francis Hommey's estate on 7 Jan 1832 in Prerogative Court of Canterbury, London, with power reserved to widow Hephzibah Hommey.10 
1841 CensusHephzh Hommey appeared on the 1841 Census of Bromley, Kent. She was 70 years old, independent, and was born in the county. With her were her grandsons Francis (7) and Fredrick (5), and a 15-year-old female servant. Note that the 1841 census records ages rounded down to the nearest 5 years, does not record relationships, and only indicates whether or not the person was born in the county.12 
DeathHephzibah died in 1850 in Kent.4
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