Frederick George Barwell1,2,3

#1239, (1907 - )
FatherRoland Clint Barwell4,5 (1870 - 1961)
MotherMaud Bonnycastle2,3 (1873 - 1953)
Relationship3rd great-grandson of John Bonnycastle


Marie Bertha Allaire
  • Jacquelyn Barwell12

Life Events

BirthFrederick George Barwell was born in Dec 1907 in Chilliwack, British Columbia.6,1
(with Parents) 1911 CensusFrederic Barwell appeared on the 1911 Census of Chilliwack, British Columbia with his parents. He was age 3 and was born in December 1907 in B.C.6 
(with Parents) 1921 CensusFredrick appeared on the 1921 Census of Sardis, Chilliwack, British Columbia with his parents. He was 13 years old, born in BC, and a pupil.7 
(Witness) MarriageF.G. Barwell of Chilliwack, B.C. witnessed the marriage of his brother Kenneth Bertram Barwell and Myrtle Flora Hill on 23 Jun 1926 in St Giles United Church, Vancouver, British Columbia.8 
MarriageFrederick George Barwell married Marie Bertha Allaire on 31 Aug 1933 in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Details from the registration: Frederick George Barwell, service station attendant, bachelor, age 25, religion English Church, residence Cultus Lake, birthplace Chilliwack, father Roland C Barwell born England, mother Maud Bonnycastle born Canada;
Marie Bertha Allaire, graduate nurse, spinster, 27, Catholic, residence 1736 - 12 Ave East, Vancouver, birthplace Saskatoon, father Peter Wilfred Allaire born Canada, mother Alexina Guilbert born Canada;
They were married by a Catholic clergyman in St Joseph's Rectory, 3239 Fleming St, Vancouver and the witnesses were George W Belknap of Gravely Street and Phyllis Malcolm of Los Angeles.1 
Note.In the 1940s, Fred and Geoff Barwell began logging operations around Texas Lake. It was also in 1944-1946 that the Barwell Brothers logged in the Silverhope area. In 1946, they obtained that logging rights for the area between American Creek and Emory Creek which they logged from 1947 to 1963. In 1952, the Barwell Brothers incorporated the Silvale Logging Company and logged the Silverhope area until 1954. In 1964, Fred Barwell sold his interest in his logging company to Ian Stewart of Hope. His brother, Geoff, sold out in 1969. During the 1970s and 1980s, G and F Logging, now under Ian Stewart, logged the Silverhope Drainage area.9 
(Informant) DeathFrederick George Barwell registered the 1953 death of his mother Maud Barwell. Frederick's address was 110 Stanley Street South in Chilliwack.2 
(Mentioned) ObituaryHe was mentioned in Maud Barwell's 1953 obituary as son son Fred G., Chilliwack.10 
(Informant) DeathFrederick Barwell registered the 1961 death of his father Roland Clint Barwell. His address was 110 Stanley Street South in Chilliwack.4 
(Mentioned) ObituaryHe was mentioned in Kenneth Bertram Barwell's 1968 obituary as brother Frederick G of Chilliwack.11 
Last Edited5 May 2014


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