Faith Sarah Kathleen Bonnycastle Hawkins1

#686, (1927 - 1987)
FatherLeonard Carl Hawkins2 (1888 - 1970)
MotherEleanor Mary Bonnycastle2 (1889 - 1968)
Relationship3rd great-granddaughter of John Bonnycastle

Life Events

BirthFaith Sarah Kathleen Bonnycastle Hawkins was born on 10 Apr 1927 in Burnaby, British Columbia.1
(In) PhotographShe was photographed with her mother and aunt Maud.3
Sisters Mary & Maud with Mary's daughter Faith Hawkins
MarriageFaith Sarah Kathleen Bonnycastle Hawkins married T Bryan Campbell-Hope on 13 Mar 1950 in Nanaimo, British Columbia.1
(Subject) Photograph19571
Len & Mary Hawkins with their daughter Faith
(Mentioned) ObituaryShe was mentioned in Eleanor Mary Hawkins's 1968 obituary as daughter Mrs. B Campbell-Hope (Faith) of Edmonton.4 
(Mentioned) ObituaryShe was mentioned in Leonard Carl Hawkins's 1970 obituary as daughter Mrs. Bryan (Faith) Campbell-Hope of Edmonton.5 
DeathFaith died on 14 Apr 1987 in Edmonton, Alberta.1
Last Edited28 May 2009


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