Lottie McLean1

#23076, (1891 - 1977)
FatherDuncan McLean1 (1851 - 1902)
MotherLavinia Schell1 (c 1860 - 1894)
RelationshipsGreat-granddaughter of Hector McLean
Great-granddaughter of Angus McKinnon
ChartsAngus McKinnon & Mary McFadyen - 5 generations of descendants
Hector McLean & Mary McGillivray - 5 generations of descendants

Life Events

BirthLottie McLean was born in Dec 1891 in North Dakota.1
(Subject) Photograph2
Duncan and Lavinia McLean with their children
Lottie (1891), Duncan (1884), John Nathaniel (1886)
North Dakota
(with Parents) 1900 CensusLottie appeared on the 1900 Federal Census Bottineau County, North Dakota with her father and stepmother. She was 8 years old, born December 1891 in North Dakota, and did not attend school.1 
Research Note Not yet found in the 1910 census. Her mother died in 1894 and her father in 1902. 
MarriageShe married Reno W Ruegsegger on 25 Oct 1911 in Redstone, Valley County, Montana.
Details from the county marriage record: Reno W Ruegsegger, of Redstone, age 27 years 11 months 21 days, born at Wellman Iowa, not previously married, father Christ Ruegsegger, mother Elizabeth Feldman;
Lottie McLean, of Redstone, age 20 years 11 months, born at Antler, N Dak, not previously married, father Duncan McLean,mother Lavaina Schell;
They were married by the Justice of the Peace and the witnesses were [Lottie's brother and his future wife] Nat McLean and Martha Fitzgerand.3 
1920 CensusReno W and Lottie Ruegsegger appeared on the 1920 Federal Census of Sheridan County, Montana. They were on a farm and owned their home with a mortgage. Enumerated next to them was Lottie's brother Nat & his family. Reno was 36, born in Iowa, parents in Switzerland, and was a farmer in general farming working on his own account. Lottie was 29, born in North Dakota, parents in Ontario Canada.4 
1930 CensusFrank A Close and Lottie Ruegsegger appeared on the 1930 Federal Census of San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, at 432 Haight. They were both lodgers there. Frank was 30, married, first married at 24, born in Canada, father born in Canada, mother in Scotland, immigrated in 1908, and was a laborer in a hospital. Lottie was 39, married, first married at 20, born in North Dakota, parents born in Canada, and was a cosmetician in a Beauty Works.5 
DivorceLottie and Reno divorced on 3 Oct 1931.6 
Residence In 1935, Lottie lived in Moffat County, Colorado.7 
MarriageShe married Frank C Close on 9 Jun 1936 in Seattle, King County, Washington.
Details from the certificate: Frank and Lottie were both of Chehalis County, Washington. They were married at the Court House by William Hoar, Justice of the Peace and the witnesses were Rollin P Flatt and C E Corvin.8 
1940 CensusFrank and Lottie Close appeared on the 1940 Federal Census of Eagleton Precinct, Lewis County, Washington. They rented their home for $200. Frank was 40, born in Canada, and was a carpenter, working 36 weeks in 1939 and earning $900. Lottie supplied the information to the census taker. She was 49, born in North Dakota, no occupation outside home. In 1935 they lived in rural Moffit County, Colorado. They each had an 8th grade education.7 
Note.Lottie and Reno had accumulated over 1500 acres near the town of Outlook. In 1928 they decided to separate and drew up a property settlement agreement, agreeing to live apart for one year and if either desired after that time, to have a peaceful divorce. In that event, Lottie was to receive a total of $6000 plus 5% of all oil royalties if there was any oil production.

Lottie received $1000. They divorced 3 October 1931 and Reno remarried that day. Oil was discovered in 1957 and Reno died in 1958. Then Lottie successfully claimed her portion of the royalties.

The legal case makes interesting reading and I won't summarize all of it - see the source citation. Here is one quote from a letter from Lottie to Reno after he proposed making a new agreement.

"Send me a copy of the agreement and settlement and if I don't like it I'll cancel just as sure as hell, because I'm satisfied to take no less than that other agreement called for. Including that oil right. I surely was worth that much through all those hard years."6
Siblings Duncan, Lottie & John Nathaniel McLean
DeathLottie Close died on 15 Sep 1977 in Thurston County, Washington. Her residence was Tumwater.10 
Last Edited28 Sep 2013


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