An integral part of doing genealogy these days is DNA testing, which complements the paper trail. If you or a family member connect with the ancestral families on this website and have had a genealogy DNA test done or are contemplating doing so, please get in touch with me.

Autosomal tests look at DNA inherited from any of your family tree branches.
Testing companies include Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), 23andMe, My Heritage, and AncestryDNA. 

I am interested in results for anyone who is related to people on this website.

No matter where you test, it is valuable to upload your results to Essentially what you need to do is download a copy of your Raw DNA text file from wherever you tested and upload it to

Gedmatch is a noncommercial site where people who have tested at any of the companies can compare their DNA results with one another. It is free but you can subscribe for even more functions beyond the basic comparisons. The analysis tools at Gedmatch are great.

I have been using DNA for genealogy for several years and have made many new connections and confirmed known lines.