I have been doing genealogy research since the early 1990s. Like many others, I kept waiting to "finish the story" before publishing.  That was of course foolish; much better to organize what was gathered so far, get it online, make contact with distant cousins, and fill in the gaps as we go. 

The goal of this website is to document my ancestors, then to gradually add each of their siblings, and their siblings' descendants. Ideally, all lines will be brought forward to about 1900. Which line I work on next is often driven by descendants of that line contacting me. Please read about this website, then jump in and explore the rest.

I have several other projects, listed below, for one name studies or for descendants of a particular couple. Descendants found in these projects are being added to this "Jen's ancestors" site but the transition is not yet complete.

Bonnycastle - a worldwide one-name study
Inkster - Orkney, Scotland to Ontario
McLean & McKinnon - Isle of Mull, Scotland to Ontario
Oliver - Devon, England to Ontario
Fernee & Godart - London, England
John Wright & Emma Mary Susannah Cox & family - London, England