John Bonnycastle1,2

#44, (1874 - 1955)
FatherCharles Green Bonnycastle1,2 (1844 - 1926)
MotherSarah Oliver1,2 (1851 - 1931)
Relationship2nd great-grandson of John Bonnycastle
Charts5 Generations of Descendants of Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle (1791-1847)
Jack Bonnycastle

Family 1

Grace Lillian Hubbs (1881 - 1904)

Family 2

Hattie Blanche Langille (1885 - 1973)

Life Events

CalledJohn Bonnycastle went by the name of Jack. On his son Douglas John's birth registration, John is called John Henry. This is the only instance of the middle name Henry found so far. 
OccupationHe was a gravel merchant, real estate salesman (1944-54.)2
BirthHe was born on 20 Sep 1874 in Campbellford, Northumberland County, Ontario.2 
(with Parents) 1881 CensusJohn Bonnycastle appeared on the 1881 Census of Seymour Township, Northumberland County, Ontario with his parents. He was 6 and born in Ontario.3 
(with Parents) 1891 CensusHe appeared on the 1891 Census of Qu'Appelle, Assiniboia, Northwest Territories with his parents. He was 16, born in Ontario, father born in Ontario, mother in England, and religion Church of England.1 
(Subject) Photograph Jack, along with several family members, was in the Katepwa cricket team photo.4
The Katepwe Cricket Team
Identifed members include
Jack Bonnycastle (2nd row, 2nd from left)
Roland Barwell (2nd row, 3rd from left)
Charles Green Bonnycastle (2nd row, right side)
Carl Channing Bonnycastle (3rd row, left side)
Tom Bonnycastle (3rd row, 3rd from left)
Note: an 1898 report in the Qu'Appelle Vidette of a match between Katepwe and Indian Head lists the Katepwe team members as CG Bonnycastle, S Trask, A Vidal, W Govan, A Brinton, T Groves, J Bonnycastle, RC Barwell, T Bonnycastle, G Bonnycastle, and G Ferguson.
MarriageHe married Grace Lillian Hubbs.5
1901 CensusJohn and Grace L Bonnycastle appeared on the 1901 Census of Indian Head Village, Assiniboia, at Lot 4 Blk 26, enumerated 30 Apr 1901. They leased a 6 room wood house. John was 25, born 20 October 1875 in Ontario, of Scotch origin, religion Church of England, and he worked on his own account as a Sawyer [can't make out second word]. Grace was 19, born 18 June 1881 in Ontario, of Dutch origin, and Methodist. Their daughter Muriel Grace was listed as living with them.6 
(Widowed) DeathGrace's death on 2 Dec 1904 left John a widower with three small children.7 
MarriageHe married Hattie Blanche Langille, daughter of Burton Fenwick Langille and Alice Sophia Schupe.8,2
Newspaper Published 2 Dec 1908 in the Chilliwack Progress.

John and Thomas Bonnycastle have returned home from a very successful season of threshing around Glenview, near High River, Alta.9
DirectoryJohn Bonnycastle was listed in the 1911 Alberta directory as John Bonnycastle, Calgary Crushed Rock and Gravel.10 
1911 CensusJohn and Hattie Bonnycastle appeared on the 1911 Census of Calgary, Alberta, at 1122 8th Avenue West, enumerated 1 Jun 1911. John was 34, born September 1886 in Ontario, of Scotch origin, Anglican, and was a Gravel Merchant working on his own account. Hattie was 32, born in November 1878 [sic] in Ontario, and was of French origin, religion Anglican. With them were children Muriel G, Lenora V, Douglas J, Marion A, and a 2 month old daughter [name unreadable, perhaps Patsy], as well as John's sister in law Carrie Langille.11 
Newspaper Published 20 Dec 1911 in the Chilliwack Progress.

John Bonnycastle and family, of Calgary, are spending Christmas with Mr Bonnycastle's parents, Mr and Mrs C G Bonnycastle, Williams Road.12
1916 CensusJohn and Hatty BonnyCastle appeared on the 1916 Census of Calgary, Alberta, at 116 - 38 Street NW, enumerated 1 Jun 1916. John was 40, born in Ontario, Anglican, of Scotch origin, and a employed as a Travelling Salesman. Hatty was 30, born in Nova Scotia, Anglican, and of French origin but did not speak French. Their children were Muriel (15), Douglas (14), Lenora (12), Marian [sic] (6), Elsie (3), and Jean (10 months). The first three children were born in Saskatchewan and the last three in Alberta. Their children Muriel Grace, Douglas John, Lenora Victoria, Marion Alice, Elsie Mae and Jean Lyall were living with them.13 
Residence-Moved Circa 1920, John and Hattie moved with their family to British Columbia.2,14 
1921 CensusJohn and Hatti Blanch Bonnycastle appeared on the 1921 Census of Vancouver, British Columbia, at 2939 3rd Avenue East. They rented their 6-room wood house for $40 per month. John was 47, born in Ontario, and worked on his own account as a Traveller in Oil Stock. Hattie was 37, born in Nova Scotia. Their children were Lenora (16,saleswoman in confectionary store), Marion (12, student), Elsie (8, student), Jean (6), Phyllis (4), and Harold (11 months). Lenora was born in Saskatchewan, the next four in Alberta, and Harold in BC. The family's religion was Church of England.15 
(Mentioned) ObituaryThey was mentioned in his father Charles Green Bonnycastle's 1926 obituary as John of Coquitlam.16 
(Heir) WillJohn Bonnycastle was named an heir in the will of his mother Sarah Bonnycastle dated 1 Jun 1928 in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Each of Sarah's children was to receive $100 annually from the sale of the farm until fully paid, and an equal share of the residue of the estate.17
(Informant) DeathJohn Bonnycastle registered the 1931 death of his mother Sarah Bonnycastle. He was recorded as son John Bonnycastle of 8722 Osler Avenue in Vancouver.18 
(Mentioned) Passenger ListJohn Bonnycastle was mentioned on a border crossing manifest for Jean and Barry Moore Himmelman on 7 Jul 1945. He was noted to be Jean's father and his address was 3030 Wellington, Burnaby, BC.19 
Photograph Here is an undated snapshot of Jack & Hattie Bonnycastle.
Jack & Hattie Bonnycastle
(Mentioned) ObituaryHe was mentioned in Maud Barwell's 1953 obituary as brother Jack Bonnycastle, Vancouver.20 
DeathJohn died on 28 Aug 1955 in 3030 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia.

Information from death certificate: in Burnaby 25 years, BC 35 years, usual residence 3030 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby; Scottish origin, married to Hattie Blanche Langille, born Sept 20th 1874 in Ontario, age 80 years 11 months 8 days, spent 10 years as self-employed real estate salesman, retiring in 1954. Father Charles Gray Bonnycastle born Ontario, mother Sarah Oliver born England. The informant was his daughter Mrs. James Reid of 4185 Imperial Street, Burnaby. Burial in Ocean View Burial Park in Burnaby.2 
ObituaryHis obituary was published on 29 Aug 1955.
Aug 28, in 81st year, late residence 3030 Willingdon Ave, South Burnaby; survived by his loving wife, 5 daughters Mrs D Raeside, Calgary, Alta; Mrs Jas Reid, Burnaby; Mrs B Himmelman, Los Angeles; Mrs F Baggs; Mrs L Keown of Victoria; 4 sons Douglas, Hope BC; Harold, Montreal; Carl & Dale of Burnaby; 23 grandchildren & 3 greatgrandchildren; 2 brothers Thomas, Burnaby & George, Vancouver; also 2 sisters Mrs W Evans, Victoria; Mrs L Hawkins, Edmonton.21
BurialHe was buried on 31 Aug 1955 in Ocean View Burial Park, Burnaby, British Columbia.2 
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